Monday, 25 July 2022

Finally back excavating the stone-age of the Åland Islands

After a couple of weeks of summer vacation the awsome 2022 field season continues. Today we started the ten day long excavation of the Pitted Ware culture dwelling site in Get on the Åland Islands. After a very promising trial excavation last summer it´s now time for the first larger scale excavation of this remarkable neolithic dwelling site.

Archaeology students Erik anf Fanny documenting the first excavation layer.

The finds started mounting up immediately when we removed the 5 cm layer thick topsoil. Large potsherds and thousands of porfyrite flakes litter the entire excavation area. We are taking great care in the documentation and excavation of the site.

Pitted Ware Culture rimsherds.

Some 23 persons will attend the first five day long leg of the excvation with an additional 25 people participating next week. All hands are needed to complete the excavation by August 5th 2022.

The first excavation layer is beeing excavated.

Rainy weather will disrupt the excavation tomorrow but please check in again on wednesday to hear the latest news and see our latest finds.

The excavation area before excavation and in level 1. after the removal of the topsoil.

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