Thursday 28 July 2022

Excavating a neolithic Pitted Ware Culture dwelling site in Geta. Day 4 /10

This day started off with a  radio interview for Ålands Radio. Please take a moment to listen to some basic facts about the site and the excavation by clicking on the link below. The interview is in Swedish.

The excavation itself is progressing according to plan although we still have some catching up to do because of the rainy weather last Tuesday. With the help of our multitalented excavation team we managed to finish excavation layer two today which means we are quite now close to the level of the trial excavation trenches where we paused the dig in 2021. After reaching level 3 we will finally uncover the entire excavation area.

Level 2 of the excavation area with the trial trenches from 2021 still left covered with a layer of sand.

The beautiful finds continue to amaze us. Today two we uncovered some very beautiful neolithic potsherds a few of which might belong to the youngest phase of the Pitted Ware Culture (3200 BC to 2300 BC) or even later.

Potsherds with grooved decoration on the surface from todays excavation of the Ge 16.9 site.

Most of the potsherds found today were of the more common Pitted Ware Culture type with a few very large rimsherds awaiting excavation tomorrow! Can´t wait <3

Possible large Corded Ware Culture rimsherd photograohed "In Situ". Photo Love Pahlman.

The central area of Pitted Ware Culture is shown on the map below. For some reason find sites like Rävåsen (Kristinestad) in W. Finland have been left out on this map. Click on the link below to read the 1997 excavation report (in Finnish).

The central area of Pitted Ware Culture.

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