Monday 22 June 2020

The 2020 archaeology field season started today!

Finally time for some community archaeology fieldwork here in Finland after the stressfull months with the Covid 19 pandemic.

The car jampacked with field gear for the 1st dig of the 2020 season.

We kicked off the JFA field season in tremendous summer weather with a team of 15 participants and two assistants. The stone age dwelling site in the famous Sperrings region produced very nice corded ware culture finds from the first minutes of the dig!

The beautiful gravel road that leads to the Kläppkärr" site.

The part of the dwelling site where the first finds were encountered in the 1930´s.

And the fully preserved dwelling site area in the forest nearby.

Digging it!

First finds and more to come... To be continued.

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