Friday 26 June 2020

Day 5/6 of the Espoo Kläppkärr excavation

The excavation nears its end but beautiful pottery finds keeps turning up in layer three (40 cm below ground surface). Today some of the Early Comb Ceramic potsherds showed very intricate decoration indeed!

Ve recovered a couple of large Early Comb Ceramic potsherds in a sterile manner in order to secure representative radiocarbon dates and samples from the crust that has stuck to the inside the vessels.

The large potsherds were wrapped in tin foil and then packed into plastic bags. Photo Jan Fast.

We also encountered in what seems to be a small waste deposit pit from the Corded Ware Culture. Soil samples of this as well as a refuse pit with finds of large early comb ceramic potsherds were collected too.

Tomorrow it´s time to fill in the excavation areas and say goodbye to this wonderful site but  I´m sure nice finds will pop up until the ast minute of the dig :)

Two more beat up stone tools were recovered today. Photo Jan Fast.

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