Tuesday 23 June 2020

Day 2/6 of the Espoo Kläppkärr archaeological excavation

A beautiful summers day (+27 C) with hundreds of finds mostly from the corded ware culture ca 2900-2200 BC but also tens of early comb ceramic finds ca 4500-4200 BC.

Corded Ware Culture potsherd (top) and Early Comb Ceramic potsherd (bottom). In Situ photo Jan Fast.

During this second day of excavations our team managed to dig through the first 10 cm:s of the estimated 30 cm thick find layer. 

The first larger item was a whetstone with the looks of a femur (bone). Interesting quartz cores found during todays excavation might help to gain insight in the quarts technology of the Corded Ware Culture.


Tomorrow we will dig into layer two :)

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