Wednesday 24 June 2020

Day 3/6 of the Espoo Kläppkärr excavation

What a fantastic summers day (again) with lots of finds from the Corded Ware Culture! Thanks to the large number of participants and some extra helping hands todays work advanced very smoothly. The joy of participating in the excavation could be seen on everyones faces and even the clothing of some of the participants.

This colourful hat came from Spain. Photo Jan Fast.

The excavation continued to produce representative stone-age finds, potsherds in particular. The potsherds from the Corded Ware Culture dominated in number but the Early Comb Ceramic were very stylish.

Early Comb Ceramic potsherds. Photo Jan Fast.

Corded Ware Culture potsherds. Photo Jan Fast.

Tomorrow we will be extending the trial excavation area a bit to the west where we hope to be able to find the upper (older) find zone. Thumbs up and let´s see what tomorrow will bring.

Summer <3 . Photo Jan Fast.

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