Thursday 2 July 2015

Jokiniemi day 9/22

This day was an important documentation day before venturing further down into the cultural layer so we took things a bit slower than usual.

 Archaeology student Olli Eranti cleaning level 2 for documentation.

 ... and preparing the map in the shade.

Level 2. of the excavation area is ready for documentation.

At noon the site was visited by some 20 youngsters from Heureka who took part in sieving and digging of the site. Such wonderful young energetic boys and girls!!

 Sieving the ploughsoil.

 Digging in.

Community archaeology at it´s absolute best without age limits :)

The finds were not as many as before today but still included a few flint scrapers and some 100 fragments of neolithic comb ceramic pottery.

Comb ceramic pottery.

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