Monday 13 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 16/22

A complete neolithic stone-axe,  several flint arrowheads and lots of other beautiful quartz and flint artefacts. Neolithic pottery (late comb ceramic and corded ware). Time to enjoy every second of this once in a lifetime dig. below some pictures from todays unforgettable endeavours.

A neolithic stone-axe has just been found!

A wonderful flint arrowhead (one of four that were found today)

Late neolithic pottery (probably corded ware)

Late comb ceramic pottery ready for the lab (C14 and lipid/starch analysis)

One more flint arrowhead

This wonderful young fellow made my day several times today. Here he is throwing stones into the sea (of flowers) like his friends probably were doing some 5000 years ago. Same excitment and joy!


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