Sunday 19 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 22/22. The excavation has ended.

And as it seems it ended on time. Some documentation and a few checks tmr. and then it´s thank you and goodbye for us.

My research assistants, four wonderful archaeology students from Helsinki University dpt of Archaeology and the open university. Photo Mirva Uotila for the City of Vantaa.

As all you archaeologists know the last hours of the dig often are very exciting. This was more than true on this dig when large potsherds and a beautiful complete stone axe turned up (almost in the last minute). The cultural layer ended in clay over the whole excavation area so I feel confident that we have really reached the bottom layer now.

Potsherds "on a tray".

Close up!

Same digger but new find...

... a complete neolithic stone axe!

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