Monday 6 July 2015

Jokiniemi 2015 day 11/22

The party has begun. We have finally entered the undisturbed neolithic find layer and it shows. The finds are excellent in all aspects. Due to the low elevation we are finding interesting late neolithic stuff like this piece of asbestos tempered pottery!

Rimsherd of asbestos tempered neolithic ware with shallow cord-like impressions.

Most of the potsherds are very fragmented possibly due to "tramping", but possibly also because of older broken vessels being re-used as "chamotte" in the late neolithic. Today we found more fragments of flint arrowheads and one complete one! It´s a beauty!

Flint arrowhead from Jokiniemi, a true masterpiece. The arrowhead is only 2 cm:s long.

Today we had guests from the University of  Helsinki. The picture below is shown here by courtesy of Wesa Perttola dpt of archaeology. Thanks Wesa and especiaslly Suzie Thomas for the discussions :). More photos here 

High tech birds eye view of the excavation. Photo Wesa Perttola.

Lot´s of great finds, lots of great photos :)

 Exciting finds...

Make good  pictures :)

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