Thursday 9 April 2015

First small scale dig of the WW2 "Deutsches Lager Hanko" today!

This was the day I had been planning for the whole long winter. The first real field trip to the WW2 German transition camp in Hanko S Finland. Sun was shining (+ 6 C) and I was accompanied by a great team, no wonder then that the results were very good although we only had five hours at the site.

The research area, where the "Gepäckbaracke" of the "Entlausungsdorf" used to stand 1942-1944.

After marking the grid  we started work. This day was actually more about locating the "Baracke" in itself, not so much about the finds actually. I had  anticipated that the area of the barracks would be more or less clean of finds, and that actually proved to be the case. What happened next proved very interesting indeed as we located an area of intense activity close to the road that once led to the "Baracke" from the delousing facility close by.

Lidar picture covering todays research area. 

Buttons, buttons and more buttons marked the area were soldiers possibly had been dressing up after delousing. Interestingly enough the area also contained  finds of a different character such as coins and Mauser ammo clips and live Mauser ammo. Below are a few of todays finds (some 70 of them in all). The excavations will continue in a week or so.

German tunic button with maker mark (1/12)

German cartridges...

and Mauser ammo clips

 More buttons...



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