Saturday 27 September 2014

Preliminary results of the hyperspectral analysis of three of the Jokiniemi figurines

Below is a link to SPECIM:s preliminary report of the results from the clay-idol scanning.

The surfaces of the figurines found in july-august 2014 showed no traces of blood or seal blubber. The figurines were made of the same clay that can be found approx 10 m:s from were they were found. It´s possible that the fats have dissolved in the acidic soil  of the site.

Clay composition of figurines

Blood/seal blubber on figurines.

The analysis of the "naturalistic clay figurine" (in the diagram called "clay from elsewhere") found years earlier but reported after the 2014 excavation showed very different results than the other two!! More about the continued analysis of this unique figurine very soon!

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