Thursday 18 September 2014

Neolithic clay figurine site inspection

Good news!!! The area were the anthropomorphic clay figurine was found in 1989  looks almost "undisturbed" (at least since 1989) and we recovered quite a substantial amount of  surface finds (mainly neolithic pottery) during our short visit.


With the large community housing looming overhead and a busy street (Tikkurilantie) to the south I find these kind of stone-age town sites especially intriguing. It´s amazing that sites like this exist after decades of extensive town planning and building.


I will return to the site to take more pictures (also of the decadence) of the site but also in order to document what the forest surrounding the stone age site might actually have looked like ca 3800 BC. 
If You look very carefully You may still get a feel of  the forest although in a heavily constructed area...

The stone age in 2014

Below are some pics from our visit to the site today, A beach some 5500 years ago (24 m.asl. today) And no... sorry we didn´t see any trolls today ;)

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