Tuesday 23 September 2014

Jokiniemi clay figurine hyper spectral analysis in Oulu tomorrow!

My lovely flat smells of seal blubber and my own (oven dried) blood :). No worries though,  I´m only preparing the comparison samples for tomorrow when we will  use hyper spectral analysis to look for residues of different organic materials on the neolithic  zoo- and anthropomorphic clay figurines from Jokiniemi. I will be  bringing the clay figurines to Oulu myself so fly safe "Norwegian" :D

From top to bottom part of the comparison samples for tomorrow (blood, seal oil and seal blubber)

As my home already smells like a stone age hut I lit a crude imitation of  a seal blubber lamp. This was a huge revelation in itself. Let´s see if we can share this experiencefor the public at HEUREKA on "Archaeology Night" 4.12.2014. The play of the flickering flame on the "face" of the figurine is totally spellbinding.

Let there be light!

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