Thursday, 26 June 2014

Between inland and sea in the stone- and bronze age.

It´s been a busy two weeks preparing for the upcoming excavations in Kemiö (Galtarby VI) and Vantaa (Jokiniemi) but now it seems I´m set to go, all official permits in hand and with a very good crews for both projects.

Starting with the Kemiö Galtarby VI excavation next week. The site has all the characteristics of a very early bronze age dwelling site situated in the area between inland and sea. This is the first time I have seen a site like this. It has all the characteristics of an early bronze age  site originally situated close to the archipelago so I have big hopes here. The island of Kemiö is very famous for it´s multitude of bronze age graves and some very  spectacular finds from a few of them. Finding the first bronze age dwelling site in the area would be very nice indeed.

The HEUREKA Vantaa (Jokiniemi) excavation will be a huge one with some 130 persons participating (although evenly distributed over many days). The co-operation with the people from both Heureka the Finnish Science Centre, the univerity of Helsinki  and the town of Vantaa has been excellent. For now my only concerns are about the removal of the topsoil of the excavation area which is situated in a park. I sincerely hope that the city of Vantaa will help us out here too.

The continuation of the archaeological excavations of Jokiniemi site after a break of approx. 20 years will no doubt mark the culmination of my digs in 2014. I´m soooo... looking forward to this one  <3.

I will post more on these projects (especially Galtarby) very shortly!

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