Monday 9 June 2014

Back to Hanko 1941-1944, back in business

Tomorrow it´s back to Hanko and WW2 conflict archaeology with the great reporter Axa Sorjanen and war historian  Oula Silvennoinen to do some filming for Finnish National television (YLE). We are trying to get a WW2 war veteran and a few more historians on board but personally I think his team will do the trick tomorrow.

First a visit to the museum of Hanko to film and look at some really rare German original documents from the second world war.

Photo work copyright by Stig Leivo (and Google maps).

And then we hit the German camp area to do some filming and maybe even some surveying in the "Soldatenkino" area (if we can find it). It´s going to be a great day!

WW2 enamel mug  and what remains of a hand grenade (Hanko front). 

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