Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Galtarby excavation is just a few weeks away :)

Soon it´s back to the stone age again, or maybe the bronze age who knows. The Galtarby VI site is full of mysteries. I paid my first visit to the site yesterday and got that GOOD feeling. The site seems totally untouched and is situated in a beautiful pine forest. The landowner "Bennu" R. was very friendly and helpful too. The excavation will start on the third of july and will be concentrating on issues of dating the dwelling site. Larger scale community archaeology excavations are planned for 2015 in co-operation with the local museum (Sagalund).

The site of Galtarby VI marked with a blue arrow on the map.

The road to the site was very scenic too and the winding road passed  through a wonderful agricultural landscape.

Picture by courtesy of "Asku"

The late stone-age shoreline at an elevation of about 20m. asl. was clearly visible and the islands showed up quite well in the "sea of  agricultural land".

"Islands in the fields" of Galtarby. Picture by courtesy of "Asku"

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