Saturday 1 March 2014

Jokiniemi 2014

Yesterday was a very good day as I met up with experience director Mikko Myllykoski from Heureka the Finnish Science Center. The planning of the upcoming trial-/rescue excavation of the Jokiniemi stone-age dwelling site took a big leap forward and it now seems very,very likely that a short excavation will take place here from the 28.7. - 3.8.2014. We will be working on details next week so keep checking in here to get the latest news about the state of things.

Me and archaeology student Mr. Olli Eranti visited Jokiniemi after the meeting and this is what the place looks like now 20 years after the last excavation made here by Heureka (in 1994). Lots of memories and excitement in the air as we walked around this very special  site.

Vantaa Jokiniemi (Sandliden) 28.2.2014. The upper part of the dwelling site with finds of Ka II:1-2

Vantaa Jokiniemi (Sandliden) 28.2.2014 . The lower part of the dwelling site (towards Keravanjoki river) with finds of Ka II:2 and Ka III:1 and a few sherds of corded ware pottery and asbestos tempered pottery.

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