Tuesday 25 February 2014

Dog poo day

Today I made my first field trip of the 2014 season. Spring is here in the middle of what should be winter and it feels very good. Drops of snow here and there but damn, if things continue like this here in this otherwise "freezing country", I will be able to start serious fieldwork in just a couple of weeks time. The town center looked gloomy as always...

Karis Köpmansgatan, the Brasserie is in the second building to the left.

Still the day started out very good with a meeting with history teacher J-E Till and what I have to say was an outstanding very cheap lunch at the local Brasserie. Flounder fillets and potato mash with an excellent forest mushroom sauce. We decided on an excavation in mid May at Säterigatan along with an excursion to the prehistoric sites in the region with the students (aged around 17). The excavation will center on the parts of the dwelling site that are in immediate danger of being destroyed by roadworks.

The 4000 BC stone age dwelling site at Säterigatan today.

While taking the pic above I couldn´t help picking up what seemed to be a large comb ceramic potsherd only to find I had picked up a very smelly handful of dog poo :D.  Early spring has it´s drawbacks.... Interestingly enough the early season showed off some very visible (recent) disturbances of the site. Later in spring or summer this one could very well have been classified as a possible hut foundation or -depression.

"Hut foundation" type of feature or more probably a recent disturbance at Säterigatan.

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