Thursday 6 March 2014

Visit to Arkeologian Laitos or dpt of Archaeology at the University of Helsinki

Today was the first real day of spring here in S Finland, seagulls were screaming in the skies as I walked the streets towards the University. Small spots of snow here and there but I could feel the strong back of winter cracking.

Picked up a few great books (for free) at the dpt while waiting for the meeting with professor Mika Lavento. This one apparently belonged to the late  professor Ari Siiriäinen (what a treasure!).

I have to say the meeting with professor Lavento was a very friendly and supportive one. We seemed to share the same views regarding my planned fieldwork and the futuere co-operation with Heureka the Finnish Science Centre and the Alumni at the University of Helsinki .

Tomorrow it´s time to throw in last years excavation reports to the National Board of Antiquities and grab a speedy lunch with archaeologist Simo Vanhatalo at the legendary Restaurant Weeruska  :)

Weeruska restaurant

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