Monday 29 April 2024

Wohls through the centuries

Mission accomplished after five days of excavating and surveying the area and surroundings of Wohls Manor in Kirkkonummi. The results were very good indeed. We managed to map and document a previously unknown Corded Ware Culture dwelling site and record the long and complex history of the Manor itself.

The main building of Wohls manor photographed from the north. Photo Jarno Ekman.

2500 BC

Stone-age stray finds found in the fields around Wohls have indicated a neolithic dwelling site somewhere in the area. During previous visits by archaeologists natural circumstances had prevented the area from beeing surveyed in detail. This time the weather- and other conditons were on our side and a previously unknown Corded Ware Culture was found.

Surveying the newly found neolithic dwelling site and  whetstone that was found laying on the surface of the field. Photos Minna Turunen (left) and Jan Fast (right).

17th Century

A silver coin from the reign of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689) minted in Reval in 1649. The history of Wohls began some 20-years earlier (in 1624) when the area was given to Riga Town Counsilor Dr. Ludwig von Hintelmann (1578-1643).

A silver coin from the reign of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689) minted in Reval in 1649. Photo Jan Fast.

18th Century

An ornate brass shoe buckle that was found close to the remains of a cellar from the 18th century to the north east of the main bulding.

18th cntury finds were mostly found to the northeast of the main building. Photos Jan Fast.

19th Century

The finds from the 19th century were the most common ones and consisted of coins, brass and gilded buttons and glass & porcelain fragments.

The finds from the 18th century mainly included Swedish copper coins and bottle-fragments. Photos Jarno Ekman (left) and Jemina Rajamäki (right).

1918 The Finnish Civil War

During the battle of Sigurds (February 22nd-27th 1918) the main building served as a field hospital. Many broken medicine bottles dating to the Finnish civil war were found in the basement.

The basement of Wohls proved to contain many conflict archaeology finds from the Finnish Civil War (1918). Photos Håkan Näsman.

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