Sunday 14 April 2024

Porkkala 1944-1956 Multidisciplinary Conflict Archaeology Research of a Soviet Cold War Period Tank Training Centre

After a long winter, this weekend it was finally time to kick off the 2024 field season. The extensive mostly untouched research area of a Soviet Cold War Period Tank Training Centre  provided the interesting setting. 

Part of the research area in an air surveillance photo from the 1950´s. The trails left by the tanks are clearly visible. Photo Jarno Ekman (right).

The fieldwork involved searching the fields near one of our main research areas for locations of dumpsites which could later be subjected to multidisciplinary conflict archaeology excavations. Many interesting areas of finds could be pinpointed during the two days of work on site.

Soviet T-34 and T-54 tank track links found earlier in the research area. Photos Jan Fast.

An interesting group of finds are the discarded broken spoons left by the Soviet soldiers (mainly tank crews), when their service was over. Other finds included uniform buttons, coins and parts of military gear.

A few of the finds from the surveys. Photos Jarno Ekman.

The surveys of the site will continue next weekend and be follwed up by excavations 4.-8.5.2024 so stay tuned!

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