Wednesday 17 April 2024

The interesting history of Wohls Manor revealed!

The first archaeological trial excavation and field survey of the 2024 field season will be in Kirkkonummi west of Helsinki where we will investigate the long and complex history of Wohls Manor. Children from nearby schools will also participate in the fieldwork. The excavation is financed by The Savings Bank Foundation in Kirkkonummi.

The cellar of the manor will also be documented during the research. 

Wohls Manor is located in a lush environment on the west bank of Humaljärvi in ​​Kirkkonummi. The manor was formed in the early 17th century and was included in the so-called “Överby donation, a donation which was given to Ludvig Hintelman from Riga in 1624. Around 1670, chief forester Erik Bure bought a large part of the land and formed an estate complex with Wohls as his main farm.

Wohls in summertime.

Many finds from the neolithic stone age have been discovered in the nearby fields so the survey and trial excavations will also be about confirming the location of a stone-age dwelling site in the area.

 Late Comb Ceramic Culture  and Corded Ware Culture potsherds have been found near the manor.

Click on this link to learn more about the history of this fascinating place and tune in here to hear the latest news from the upcomin excavation.

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