Tuesday 31 March 2020

Conflict archaeology on the Nordfront

On March 25th Iron Cross Magazine published my long due feature article about ongoing WW2 conflict archeology research in Finland!

Writing the article was very motivativating and rewarding as this was the first time I was able to share the research of the German WW2 transition camp in Hanko S. Finland to an international audience. I was also able to share a few of the hundreds of original pictures from my research collection to the readers.

Archaeologist Teemu Väisänen added a chapter on the upcoming research of the German WW2 airfield in Pori while Aleksi Rikkinen and Emil Sillanpää contributed with material related to the mapping of the  German "Sturmbock Stellung" in NW Lapland.

The research will continue when the situation with the Corona virus is under control here in Finland. If you wish to excavate the second world war with us please send a letter of interest to jfarchaeology@gmail.com

Remember that you can order a copy of the magazine online by clicking on the link below!!

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