Thursday 19 March 2020

Writing an article about the Långåmossarna excavations

Good thing about the situation (at least here in Finland) right now is that there is plenty of time to write articles about previous excavations and plan upcoming (2020) digs in detail.

Early comb cermic potsherds from Långåmossarna. Photo Jan Fast 2017.

I´m currently working on an article about the excavations of the multiperod stone age dwelling site of Långåmossarna (Raseborg). The excavations of the site have been going on for a long time (almost my complete career as an archaeologist) with the first ones in 1992-1994 and then a series of excavations 2013 and 2015-2018. It feels good to finally get the results down on paper.

Work in progress on the site in 2016. Photo Jan Fast.

The site has yielded very nice finds from the mesolithic (ca 9000 BP), early comb ceramic culture (ca 6200 BP), corded ware culture (ca 4500 BP) and last but not least Kiukais culture (ca 4000 BP). The article which is in Swedish will be published later this spring.

Areas with finds from different time periods. Mesolithic (red), early comb ceramic (orange), corded ware culure (yellow) and Kiukais culture (green).

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