Thursday 12 July 2018

"SA Wehrabzeichen" and other goodies

Only one day left of the 2018 excavation season of "Durchgangslager Hanko" but the exciting finds leads me to think we might be excavating here again in 2019.

 SA- Sportabzeichen "as found" today during archaeological excavations of "Durchgangslager Hanko" 

A. Hitler challenged all able-bodied boys age 16 and up to compete for this award but older military men were also encouraged to obtain it. The badge was one of the few political decorations that the armed forces allowed to freely be displayed on a military uniform.

By December 1936, one million had been awarded. Then by the end of 1943, over 2.5 million had been awarded. We will have this "Abzeichen" sent into conservation so stay tuned for pictures about that process here later this year!

Another "Gebirgsartillerie" related item!

Today we finished the trial excavation of the "Soldatenheim" dump. This fragmentary small tea pot was among the last items recovered this year! We hope to continue excavations in this area in 2019!

German tea pot from the "Soldatenheim Hanko" dump.

 Some of the German coins are extremely well preserved due to the sandy soil!

Archaeology student Fanny Fagerholm is keeping count and measuring all of the hundreds of German food ration cans found during the dig. The contents and origins of this aluminium can was an easy task :)

 Norwegian made "Fischkonserve"

The other items found today included a very well preserved blade of a pocket knife, Smoking utensils and of course the ever present "Eau de Cologne" and perfume bottles.

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