Wednesday 4 July 2018

Paper artefacts, textile fragments and more! "Durchgangslager Hangö" 2018 excavation day 8/15

After a very rainy day yesterday it was a pleasure working in sunny weather again. Calm seas too today :). 

Once a beach used by German soldiers after delousing 1942-1944. Now a nature reserve area. Photo by Satu Sälpäkivi!

Today we continued the excavation of excavation areas one and two in the "Entlausungsdorf area of the camp. The finds included a Gereman dogtag and well preserved textile and paper fragments (so the decision not to excavate in the rain yesterday was the right one).

German WW2 dogtag.

German text on a book page (?)

Excavation areas one and two in the "Entlausungsdorf" area of the camp.

German cigarette box.

 Textile fragments.

Because of the rich finds in the Deutsches Rotes Kreutz area the previous week we enlarged the trial pit.Tomorro w we will find out what this pit holds for us this week!

DRK excavation crew. Photo by Fanny Fagerholm.

German food ration cans from the DRK area. Photo Satu Sälpäkivi.

 German WW2 Fauna by Rote Marke perfume bottle.

Excavation gear at the end of excavation day eight (of 15)

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