Friday 2 June 2017

We located the place of the German gun position!

This was the fifth and final day of the pedagogic conflict archaeology dig of Durchgangslager Hangö. Before the start of todays excavation we visited the site of the German gun emplacement in 1944.

My wonderful assistants, archaeology students Anu and Tia at the same spot as the German soldiers in september 1944.

After this we finished the excavations of the large German dump site. Nice finds ´til the end here! The site has been a real treasure trowe providing an intriguing glimpse into the daily life in the transition camp 1942-1944. A big thanks to all the wonderful students From Hangö Högstadium and Hankoniemen Lukio. Thank You archaeology students Jenna, Anu and Tia for all your help and the interesting discussions!!! 

Digging the last layers of the dump.

Last wine bottle from the dump.

 Part of a "Hohner" harmonica.

Aluminium spoon.

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