Thursday 1 June 2017

A windy day exploring "Durchgangslager Hangö"

Today was quite a windy day for archaeology on the southernmost tip of Finland. The temperature barely rose over +4 degrees Celsius on the windy side of Cape Tulliniemi!!

"Durchgangslager Hangö" 1.6.2017. Photo Jose Antonio Botella.

Today we started excavating layer three of the northern part of the German WW2 dump that we located in 2015. The results were good despite the fact that we had only a limited amount of time to spend on the digging itself (the documentation work took some time). 

Students from Hankoniemen lukio excavating layer three of the German WW2 dump.

Tomorrow will be a lot easier and probably very rich in finds! Below are a few of the more interesting finds from today.

 Chess piece!

 Well worn tooth brush head.

 Bowl fragment.

 Soap box with pack of German cigarrettes.

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