Tuesday 27 June 2017

"Durchgangslager Hangö" day 2/15 of the 2017 excavation season!

What a wonderful day. We continued excavating in the westernmost area of the camp and opened up a new area in some 400 m:s from here closer to the remaining barracks. Many interesting new finds from both areas today. I will post photos from the new area tomorrow!

Excavation area one (extended) layer one 27.6.2017

More partly finished field made rings (we have found three already from the same context!

 Another half finished  field made ring!!

Seems like someone cut out the hammer and sickle from this (1937) Sovjet coin. Why and who did this is of course pure speculation.

Very nice glass items today, wine, beer, "viina", soda bottles and more...

It´s nice to find Sovjet items during the excavation too. This rather large cockade was found in the surface layer by the youngest participant in the excavation :)

Large Sovjet cockade !

This is where he found the cockade!

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