Monday 27 June 2016

The First Day At Deutsches Lager, Hanko.

Hi there, I´m Jordan - a 21 year old Archaeology student from the UK, who´s studying Archaeology with Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Studies at the University of Aberdeen. I´m assisting Jan on his 2016 stage of the Deutches Lager excavation, and with a small amount of sleep (due to my inexperience of the continuous light of Finnish nightime) I experienced my first day on site!

A large collection of artefacts were excavated today including those constructed of glass, Porcelain, Iron and Aluminium - as well as a selection of other materials. I´ll now present to you some of mine - and the rest of the team´s - favourite pieces!

 Fragments of massive glass ashtray.

 Finnish coin (1932) fountain (ink) pen nib and a bakelite gas protection related item (1938).

A mystery Bakelite item..

An ornate snuff box.

Part of a "Rucksack" strap (possibly Gebirgsjäger related)

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