Tuesday 28 June 2016

Second day at Deutsches Lager, Hanko

What an amazingly sunny second day of digging it was here in Hanko! Hello everyone- it's Anni, an archaeology student from the University of Aberdeen, originally from Finland.

Today we finished the trial excavation of the "Entlausungdsorf" area and had a quick but efficient backfilling session- a big thank you for all the Hangö Sommaruni students for the hard work. Similarly to yesterday we had quite a few finds, some of our favourites you can see at the end of this post. We finished this warm and sunny day with cleaning some of the finds and getting our daily dose of vitamin D.

 Cleaning the finds and enjoying the warmth.  

 The fork part of a German spoon fork. 

 A whistle.

 A glass pot with an iron rim.


 A cap from a tube of Blendax toothpaste. 

A medical device - possibly a pipette. 

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