Thursday 4 February 2016

Finnish archaeologists presented their 2015 excavations live over the Internet!

What an interesting day this was. For some 30-years Finnish archaeologists have gathered at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki to share their yearly excavations and research but this time it was VERY different! For the first time ever the Finnish archaeologists were able to communicate the results of their 2015 research live over the Internet (and de facto over the world).

 "Old school" presentation from 1997

The event was broadcasted from the National Museum  and lasted from 9 am to 4.45 PM. This must have been a very exiting thing for many of the presenters/archaeologists but  I felt very proud of my colleagues.

Archaeologist Esa Mikkola is the be(a)st ! He stood for the best presentation today, the wintery archaeological excavation of a 16th century bridge.

There were of course some things to improve. A split screen showing the audience would have been helpful along with a possibility to ask the lecturers short questions over the Internet The language of the presentations should be in English of course and so on... But the main thing is that the National Board of Antiquities and the National Museum of Finland made the Event happen!!!

Actually I can´t wait for the presentations tomorrow, It´s allmost better than Ice Hockey at least if  the archaeologists and the audience  get into some hefty discussions or fights :). The presentations start at 9 am Finnish time! Be there or stay at home, grab a coffee or a beer and enjoy!

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