Thursday 4 February 2016

Right now! Streaming live video from the 2015 archaeology presentations from the National Museum in Helsinki Finland

This is really great news, it´s the first time the presentations can be watched on-line. Despite some slight problems everything seems to run rather smoothly. Click on the link below the picture to see the presentations.

This is a two day event. Today it´s about old roads and their value in archaeological research. Tomorrow the topics vary from ground breaking stone-age research to presentations of iron age and medieval period excavation projects!

Because this can be seen abroad I hope that at least some of the presentations will be in english next year! If I´m invited to speak about the conflict archaeology of "Deutsches Lager Hanko 1942-1944" in 2017 at least that presentation will be in english.

For more about the National Museum of Finland visit:

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