Sunday 21 February 2016

3rd session cleaning neolithic excavation finds @ Heureka the Finnish Science Centre

What a wonderful community archaeology event. Some 20 + participants and we got a lot of work done! Three archaeology students from The University of Helsinki dpt of Archaeology participated too :). Thank You Heureka for supplying us with the facilities and the opportunity to view the 2015 excavations in 3D.

Cleaning in progress. Photo Liisa Tuominen-Roto.

One of the participants came up with the great idea that cleaning excavation finds is actually very meditative and could be used when practising mindfullness and generally promoting well-being :)

Neolithic excavation finds and the cleaning "tools" :) Liisa Tuominen-Roto.

Because of the huge popularity of the event we are planning one more opportunity for the general public to get involved with this part of the archaeological research process. 

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