Thursday 28 August 2014

Sensational naturalistic Clay Idol from Jokiniemi recovered after + 20 years

What an amazing journey this totally unique  naturalistic anthropomorphic clay figurine has made!

The  figurine was made during the stone age some 5500 years ago and buried or abandoned soon after only to be rediscovered by chance in the late 1980´s near an area of 1960´s community housing in Satomäki, Jokiniemi Vantaa S. Finland.

Satomäki, Vantaa.

The very rare find was kept kept safe for years by the finder in a bookshelf. As a result of the extensive media coverage surrounding the 2014 excavations of the site the finder decided to tell his story and report the find.

I would like to take the opportunity to once more congratulate the finder (who wants to remain anonymous) and all the amazing people involved during the past couple of weeks. The National museum of Finland has a new centerpiece in it´s stone-age exhibition. This is what responsible community archaeology in Finland is all about!

Thank You

Jan Fast

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