Thursday 21 August 2014

Another sensational "human face" naturalistic, anthropomorphic clay figurine from Jokiniemi!!!


The extensive media coverage of the Science Center  Heureka dig in Jokiniemi 2014 has brought to light  a sensational find made by an amateur geologist (with a great eye for archaeological artefacts) in Jokiniemi some 10+ years ago.

The newly reported and amazingly detailed figurine is very realistic and shows tattoos and/or face paintings very similar to those of the figurine found during the Heureka excavation in 1990. On this new figurine the tattoos below the eye sockets seem to be "net" shaped.

First pictures.

Below is another  of this figurine taken around the time the find surfaced. Some of the features have been enhanced in red. It´s been kept safe and in good hands since then by the finder. I expect to be able to meet the figurine "in person" some day very soon.

First pictures.

Personally I take no credit whatsoever for this sensational find but would  instead like to take the opportunity to congratulate the anonymous finder on this amazing find! This is truly a happy day for responsible amateur archaeology in Finland and for archaeology in the Baltic Sea region and  beyond :)

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