Tuesday 12 August 2014

Next WW2 conflict archaeology in Hanko and early stone-age pottery in Raseborg

After the wonderful stone-age (HEUREKA and University of Helsinki) dig in Jokiniemi, Vantaa it´s now time to turn the focus towards Hanko and Raseborg.

First Hanko and the battlefields of WW2 in the unforgiving archipelago. Our conflict WW2 archaeology team will visit the sites of intensive fighting on the islands of  the Bromarv region. No digging here yet, just documenting the remains and planning for 2015.

WW2 Gas mask tube "in situ" in Hanko.

In october we will be excavating the early comb ceramic stone-age dwelling site of Långåmossarna in Raseborg. Another stone-age refuse pit is eroding into the sandpit. I expect some very interesting finds here!

Eroding 4300 B.C refuse pit at the Långåmossarna site.

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