Tuesday 15 April 2014

Next a visit to the "Stammofiziersunterkunfte" and a few more excavation finds for you to enjoy!

I´m cleaning and cataloging the excavation finds and as part of the work I´m also taking photos of some of the finds. I thought I´d post a few pictures here along with regular updates about the project. The items below which are of course just a few of all the items recovered yesterday were found in the immediate vicinity of the "Lotta Kantine" in the German barracks area.

 Finnish coin from 1941 

 Cartridge shells
 Re-used toothbrush handle (possible from the time the area was a Sovjet prisoner of war camp?

Next me and Swedish archaeologist Anders Wikström will make a field trip to the more remote parts of  the enormous transition camp area that haven´t been seen for at least 50 + years. It´s an area were the officers resided and should include the remains of the "Offiziers Speisesaal" the "Stammoffiziersunkunft" and the "Schwesternunterkunfte" as well as the remains of the "Soldatenkino". I´m really looking forward to that!

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