Sunday 27 April 2014

Fourth visit to the German transition camp area tomorrow.

Things are once again advancing very much according to plan. Tomorrow it will finally be time to document and have a first archaeological look at the more closely protected secrets of the German Transition camp, namely the officers barracks area and the "Ukrainan volunteers camp".

Here it´s all about archaeology as no visible structures remain of the buildings or activities. Once more we are blessed with both good weather and a great positive attitude from the Finnish customs officials who carefully watch over the whole area.

The rumour that general Eduard Dietl might have had a "summer cottage" of his own in the area, might not be true but it is clear he visited the officers area during an inspection of the newly constructed "Lager" in 1942.

As a result:

We will quite literally be walking in the long lost footsteps of the  "Herr General" himself tomorrow. This will certainly be the most exciting moment of our conflict archaeology project at this site so far".

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