Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The radiocarbon dates of the Janakkala grave find were published today!

By Lea Murto-Orava from the National board of Antiquities:

The piece of bone from which the radiocarbon sample was extracted. Photo Simo Vanhatalo NBA.

Radiocarbon datings of the skeleton indicate that the adult male was buried/died in the 14th century. The older sword (type Z) datet back to 950-1050 AD  and the longer sword to 1050-1200 AD (type XI).

A piece of charcoal apparently deliberately placed near the face of the body is from the 11th century.

There also were some burnt bones in the upper layers of the grave. These will be analyzed and dated in a couple of months.

According to the press release there were a couple more finds in the grave. Besides the two swords a spearhead, an axe, a knife and a handle from a kettle were also among the grave goods!

The grave from Janakkala. Photo by Simo Vanhatalo the National Board of Antiquities.

More abou the find here (in finnish):




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