Monday, 25 November 2013

Sensational iron age find in Västra Vång northeast of Ronneby Sweden!

Fresh out of  the ground!

Swedish archaeologists revealed new marvelous finds from the excavation at Västra Vång about a week ago. The publication of the find was deliberately delayed to give the archaeologists time to complete the excavation of a ritual site from ca 0 - 200 AD.

Bronze cauldron ornament from Västra Vång.

The finds from the 120 square meter excavation area of 29 miniature golden male figurines or so called. "guldgubbar"  and six head torsos (masks or busts) of Celtic, Roman or Scandinavian origin! The heads may be ornaments from bronze vessels or cauldrons of which several fragments vere found during the excavations.

Beautiful video clip (in Swedish) here:

 The 120 square meter excavation area. A few of the golden figurines were found already in the upper layers.

Golden male figurine or "guldgubbe"

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