Saturday 16 November 2013

Nordic archaeology in November! A great viking age/crusade period gravefind from Janakkala Finland

According to press info with an iron axe, a spearhead and two swords one from the viking age (maybe from an earlier creamation burial) and the other one from the Crusade period dating to around 1100 AD! Thanks to the very warm autumn here in Finland the find (which was made by three metal detectorists) could be inspected and rescue excavated by the authorities immediately.

I first thought that the viking age sword looked as if it  might have been damaged by ploughing but according to Simo Vanhatalo from the National Board of Antiquities it was probably buried in a damaged condition. Also according to Simo Vanhatalo both swords bear  inscriptions in latin

"I could read In Nomine Domini on the viking age sword and the other one also seemed to bear faint inscriptions".

The excavation of the grave took two days but a continuation of research in the area is planned for 2014. Congrats to the finders and Simo Vanhatalo for a job well done!

The grave pit shows up very clearly in this pic, could the deceeased have been placed in a coffin? The swords had been plaaced upon eachother with the viking age sword on top (photo Simo Vanhatalo the National Boar of Antiquities)-

Excavation in progress (photo Simo Vanhatalo the National Boar of Antiquities),

The viking age sword to the right 

Link to the news including a radio Interview and video (in Finnish):

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