Tuesday 7 May 2013

The trial and rescue project of the Långåmossarna stone age dwelling site 2013 is coming together nicely

Me and Juuso will visit the students at Ekenäs Gymnasium and the teachers on may 21 to give a primary lecture about our small scale research project at the site 25-27.5.2013. The idea of the project is to gather some information about the preservation of the site before a larger scale rescue excavation in 2014.

The site dates to approx 4200 BC but there are also finds from the early bronze age and corded ware (battle axe clulture) on the site. Below one interesting fragment of a detailed subneolithic clay figurine from the site.

A publication of the finds from this site from the excavations in 1992-1994 can be found in:

Fast,  Jan 1996 Utgrävningarna av den tidigkamkeramiska boplatsen vid Långåmossarna i Karis 1992-1994 Västnyländsk Årsbok 1996- 20 år : 77-90. Ekenäs 1996.

Our research team is  :)

Jan Fast (archaeologist in charge)

Juuso Koskinen (archaeology student from the University of Helsinki / research assistant)

Sture Lindholm (History teacher at Ekenäs Gymnasium)

Martin Petterson (History teacher at Ekenäs Gymnasium)

Peter Sjöstrand (Researcher at Ekenäs Museum)

12 students from  Ekenäs Gymnasium Archaeology Class

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