Wednesday 22 May 2013

Formal excavation permit

is now granted for the Långåmossarna project by the National Board of Antiquities/Teija Tiitinen. I also informed the media about the project today and made some calculations as to how much we can get done with the work crew of almost 20 people. That´s a remarkable workforce, but as the time is very limited indeed it is worth concentrating on a few major issues.

- Rescue excavation and documenation of at least one of the hearthlike features before the erosion takes care of it.

- Systematical seaving of the eroded parts of that same feature that have fallen into the gravel pit

- Documentation of the preserved part of the dwelling site that´s to help the planning of a larger scale rescue excavation of the same site in 2014

Whatever we do we aim to do it good and the weather seems to be on our side too :)

Below are some pictures of the type of potsherds (later phase of early comb ceramic ware or KA I:2) we expect to find during the excavation and a distribution map of sites with this kind of pottery in Finland.

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