Tuesday 27 June 2023

Excavating Korsholm Castle and Kings Manor 22-31.5.2023.

The first signs of summer were visible when we started this years excavation of Korsholm Castle on the 22nd of May 2023. The ten day long excavation was financed by the Finnish Cultural foundation and Alma opisto.

The first five days of this years excavation was coodinated by SÖFUK and the participants were schoolchildren from local schools. The objective was to excavate the top layers of the excavation area to a depth of one meter below ground surface. The excavation produced many beautiful finds from the 19th to the 17th centuries such as buttons, coins and glass fragments. Time sure flies when you have fun. 


The second leg of the excavation was reserved for adut students at the Alma opisto and arranged as a community archaeology field school. More beautiful finds turned up on a daily basis. Finally we reached timber structures and untouched cultural layers some 1,5 meters below ground surface.

Finally just two days before the end of the excavation we reached timber structures and untouched cultural layers some 70 centimeters - 1,5 meters below ground  surface. Wood, C14 and macrofossile samples were taken from the layers and sent to Moesgaard museum and the University of Turku for analysis. 

In a couple of months, after we receive the results we will decide about the research strategy of these interesting find layers. Mapping and trial excavations of other areas of Korsholm Castle will continue in September.

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