Friday 9 June 2023

An exeptionally beautiful moose shaped artefact found in Kuusamo E. Finland in May 2023

Today the National Heritage Agency announced an astonishing new find of a Moose shaped artefact propably dating to the end of the Neolithic or early bronze-age (possibly ca 2000 BC). Please notice the "leaf shaped" ears, the open mouth and the incised lines running from the nostrils to the ears.

The newly found Kuusamo axehead. Photo by the National Heritage Agency/Matti Kilponen.

The axehead was found by two locals while clearing away a large stone near their summer cottage by the shore and next to their summerhome. Archaeologist from the local museum have inspected the site and reported signs of a stone-age dwelling site at the find site (in the lower right corner of the picture below).
The find site. Photo Mika Sarkkinen, Pohjois-Pohjanmaan museo.

The newly found xehead is very similar to the so called "Säkkijärvi axehead" that was found in the 1890´s and it is even possible that it could be from the same maker. Research of the artifacts has just only started and we of course expect more results results shortly.

The almost similar Säkkijärvi axehed was found in the 1890´s.

Please read more about the find here and check the 3D model of the axehead by clicking on the link below (only in Finnish sorry).

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