Wednesday 26 May 2021

The JFA 2021 field season has started

THIS year we will be excavating mainly stone age and second world war sites. In all 21 separate excavations will be carried out by us between May and October 2021. All of the excavations are community archaeology excavations and six of these include pedagogic archaeology with local schools.

Although most of the excavations are already fully booked there are a few spots left on a couple of the digs. Please contact the arrangers as soon as possible, no previous knowledge of archaeology is required!

Kirkkonummi, Kolsarby 9.6. - 13.6.2021

Excavation of a late neolithic dwelling site. 

Hanko 1941 project 12.7. - 16.7.2021 and 19.7. - 23.7.2021

Battlefield archaeology excavations of the Hanko front

Lohja Kittiskoski E 4.9. - 19.9.2021

Excavation of a neolithic dwelling site

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