Saturday 16 March 2019

WW2 conflict archaeology and repatriation of war dead in Hanko 2019

The 2019 scientific WW2 conflict archaeology field season in Hanko S. Finland is about to get started. We have informed "all parties concerned" about the planned digs and agreed on the interdisciplinary museum and excavation team that will do the actual excavation and documentation work.

A first team meeting is scheduled for next week before the actual fieldwork starts in early May 2019 with the scientific exhumation of six Soviet war dead from 1940-1941 on the Hanko front.

The exhumation is conducted in close co-operation with the Russian Embassy in Finland and "Sotavainajien Muiston Vaalimisyhdistys r.y." and the material remains of the Soviet soldiers will later be reburied at the WW2 war memorial in Täktom, Hanko.

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