Thursday 14 March 2019

New calibrated radiocarbon dates for potsherds from the Ölmosviken site

In the autumn of 2018 a large representative rimsherd (with pit and other ornaments) from a neolithic pot was excavated from the Ölmosviken site. The charcoal remains from the inside of the potsherd have now been analysed and dated at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

Rather surprisingly the rimsherd (attributable to the so called "Kiukais" culture in SW Finland) dates to the same time period as the mid to late "Corded Ware" culture in this region. We will of course sample more potsherds for radiocarbon analysis dumany ring the forthcoming field season starting May 20th 2019.

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The interesting results will be published in English before the end of 2021.


MA Jan Fast and MA Janne Soisalo

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